« A problem is not something to be solved,

it is a message to be listened to! »

Alan Seale, Founder and Director of the Center for Transformational Presence

The way we show up in life and at work, the quality of Presence that we bring to our interactions with others, the way we engage with our circumstances, however difficult they might be, is the real seed of lasting transformation. It goes beyond the surface change.
With Transformational Presence, we discover that we are our own best instrument in service of something clearly bigger than us.

Transformational Presence is a simple and powerful approach to life and leadership*.

Through practical tools and frameworks, it expands awareness and teaches us to create the optimal conditions for releasing the potential that exists within individuals, teams, and organizations. It supports a deep inside out transformation.

Transformational Presence enables us to:

  • Strengthen our capacity for navigating complexity and fast paced change
  • Work with and harness the energy in challenging circumstances, meeting them with clarity and confidence
  • discover and trust our inner compass
  • Cut quickly to the core of what is going on, and take concrete next steps
  • Make powerful choices, listening beyond the obvious conflict in values and interests
  • Be more receptive, responsive, creative, and innovative
  • Improve communication and collaboration

Fundamentally, this powerful approach is about the deep transformative nature of our Presence in the world.

The TP Leaders Group with Alan Seale, Director of the Center for Transformational Presence.
Teaming up across borders to promote Transformational Presence worldwide!

*approach created and developed by Alan Seale